Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Does Grover Smell Like a Monster?

I thought this Sesame Street parody of the Old Spice commercials was a hoot. Thought you might enjoy it.


mmmyers2 said...

I thought this commercial was hilarious, but it also got me wondering about copyright issues. I know that the point of the commercial was partly to poke fun at the Old Spice commercials, but also to advertise Sesame Street in a fun and creative way. I think that the creators were smart in using this idea, because the Old Spice commercials are so popular and funny and attract viewers.
My only question is about copyright/individuality rules. Are the creators of the Old Spice commercials angry at the Sesame Street commercial for copying them? The two commercials are exactly the same. Where is the line drawn between illegal copying and legal parodying? Could Old Spice sue Sesame Street for copying them? I don't think it would be right of them to bring it to court, because Sesame Street isn't actually selling the same product as Old Spice. Sesame Street used the same idea as Old Spice in order to advertise their show, but not to sell any products.

Eric said...

I also found this commercial extremely funny. Above being a great play on the hysterical Old Spice commercials, it made me think about how much of an impact those commercials really had. The Super Bowl ad spawned, not only more ads, but viral video Twitter responses. So many people were tweeting about the ad that Old Spice decided to respond via Youtube videos to each of their customers. And now, as if that weren't enough publicity for a single ad, Sesame Street made their own advertisment based off the Old Spice commerical. I'm amazed at how far one ad was able to extend itself.