Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Living in multiple realities: a marketer's dream

Living in multiple realities is a concept that is difficult to grasp. Let me try to explain: Consider the world of media as one reality; and, our own imaginary inner world of day dreams and such as another reality. Couple those realities with our authentic reality (what we might call the really real), and perhaps now you can see that we live in multiple realities. There are more realities that we might include, like the world of nocturnal dreams. All of these realities are intertwined, feeding off one another. Marketing communication plays an important role in this process, and some new technology is pushing the envelope further. Consider the idea of augmented reality. Augmented reality refers to elements of the authentic world mixed with computer generated images. In this well, as the name suggests, reality is augmented or extended. Well, first perhaps look at the video above to see how augmented reality can be applied to marketing problems. Mind blowing. Right? There is a company Total Immersion that has developed the technology used in the Molson beer campaign. When we talk about interactivity and deep engagement, it seems to me the use of this technology as an advertising medium is spot on.

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JeffFro said...

Augmented reality, which refers to elements of the authentic world mixed with computer generated images, is one of the coolest forms of adverting I have seen in a long time. The fact that you can buy and product and use it for more that just the intended features will definitely create buzz around the consumer world, even if consumers are not particularity interested in that product itself. This new wave of advertising could lead new consumers to to prodcut as perhaps even a conversation started with friends. It is very innovative and could be catalyst into even knew forms of technological connections between products and engagement. I have yet to actually experience a product that utilizes augmented reality but I am extremely intrigued and hope more products will come out with this unique feature. I know that this form of advertisement is still in the making but I am positive that as time goes on this feature will surly advance and become even more interesting for the consumer. It combines computers with products, which could definitely lead to further research of that product- once one is on the computer. I am a big fan of this augmented reality feature and could only see high hopes in the future. The one critique I have for products of this new feature is that companies should utilize this tool for products that are aimed toward college students or young adults- such as Molson has done with their Cnadian beer. I get the feeling that adults just are not too interested in this unique feature- not only with their limited time but with the feeling that they are acting a bit juvenile- and it would be much more successful for products aimed towards young children and young adults. I am excited to see where augmented reality will stand in the future.