Monday, September 20, 2010

New CGA Campaign for 2011 Super Bowl

Pepsi Max will be joining Doritos for a consumer generated advertising competition in which prize money totaling $5 million will be offered to the winning advertisements that score highest in the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Poll. While Doritos has been participating in this venture for several years, Pepsi, which stayed out of last year's Super Bowl, appears ready to take the CGA leap. According to a news report in USA Today, Pepsi Max has suffered from a "somewhat confusing image." The target audience is males who show disdain for products with "diet" emblazoned on them. Pepsi Max competes against Coke Zero in this category. The campaign, according to the news article, isn't so much about boosting sales as increasing awareness and knowledge about the product.

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Nikki Jamin said...

I think that Pepsi Max's idea to join Doritos in participating in consumer generated advertising during the Super Bowl is an ingenious idea. Even though Pepsi Max believes this will increase awareness and knowledge about the product, of course it's going to boost sales. Not only will the name "Pepsi Max" be out there during the Super Bowl, which some consumers watch solely for the commercials, but these advertisements will have a different "feel" than others. The struggle with advertising is that sometimes products aren't geared to the consumer as much as it should be or it can be confusing. Now, these advertisements are going to be made BY consumers, TARGETING consumers just like the creators. I think for Pepsi Max CGA will benefit them tremendously, especially during the Super Bowl.